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What is The WeChat Applet?

     The WeChat applet uses the function on the APP without downloading the APP, and the public number is used to implement the introduction page display, the template message push, the menu custom bar entry setting, the small program card in the graphic, the small program card sent under the session, etc. Promotion method.

WeChat applet advertising form

Keyword promotion and search advertising

Developers only need to enter the WeChat applet background and click "Promotion" and then select "Add Keywords" to bind the keywords passed.

Promotion of small programs nearby

Show all WeChat mobile phones within five kilometers of the store, purchase the service directly through the applet or navigate to the store.

Promote through friends circle, group sharing

WeChat applet supports sharing directly to friends or sharing into WeChat group

Offline scanning code QR code promotion

The push method of the WeChat QR code is as effective for the small program QR code.

Public number association promotion

Enterprises can directly promote small programs through their existing WeChat public account.

Third-party operation promotion

Advertise the applet to a third-party applet store for payment or other means

WeChat applet Effect advantage

1、Ready to use 

close when used

2、Save time and 


3、Scan code is used

to reduce user's patient loss


intra-group forwarding

5、Massive users

high viscosity

4、Promoting is

easier and simpler

Call to find out more about 

professional the ads for WECHAT APPLET!