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What is Baidu Credit V Certification?

Baidu's reputation V certification is also known as Baidu's reputation file. Through the collection of data on the Internet merchant website and the business entities behind the website, such as qualifications, authenticity certification, credible behavior, willingness to consume, and word-of-mouth evaluation, the comprehensive reputation of the website will be presented in terms of credit rating and reputation growth value. For netizens, as a reference for decision-making by netizens.

Reputation value V1 (0-40)

Basic reputation accumulation, you can rest assured to visit

Reputation value V2 (40-90)

Good reputation accumulation, peace of mind trading

Reputation value V3 (91+)

Fully credible accumulation, sustainable trust.

Reputation value classification
Baidu Credit V Certification Type — Real-name authentication

Real-name authentication is the verification and verification of the authenticity of user data, so as to establish perfect and reliable The basis of Internet credit.

 It is the information authenticity verification conducted by baidu for website business entities, and provides help for Internet users to identify authentic and reliable websites through the certification results and the disclosure of enterprise information.

Unique advantages

It is conducive to determining identity, allowing businesses and customers to understand and communicate with each other, which is conducive to the development of online shopping malls and avoids some lawless elements deceiving consumers on the Internet.

Low cost to create industry competition threshold, highlighting corporate integrity image and mastering competitive advantage

To play a role in improving website conversion rate

Baidu Credit V Certification Type — Official website certification

The official website certification is Baidu's qualifications for website operators, website security, website authority, etc.

 After verification, the blue official website logo is displayed on the right side of the official website title of the search results in the search results to help the netizens 

quickly identify authoritative high-quality websites, and prevent the violation of the cottage websites and phishing websites.

Three advantages of official website certification

Authority symbol

The official website logo in the search results is a symbol of the authority of the website, which makes your website more accessible to netizens.

Precise positioning

The official website certification accurately locates the search needs of netizens, helping you to quickly attract the attention of netizens, enhance exposure and increase click-through rate.

Show advantage

Through the official website certification, you will get better display position and presentation style, bringing you more quality traffic.

Baidu official website value and role

Meet the addressing needs

Find the required results

The display position,

authority symbol

Baidu reputation V certification, so that quality can be measured