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Welcome to KaiLilong International Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.!
KaiLilong International 

Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

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What is DSP advertising?
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DSP (Demand-Side Platform) is the demand side platform. Help advertisers to advertise on the Internet or mobile Internet, 

and purchase high-quality advertising inventory in real time at reasonable prices for online advertising on multiple ad exchanges.

   Has a huge amount of display advertising exposure resources
      Have comprehensive ad serving real-time data feedback
  Has a huge amount of display advertising exposure resources
  Have greater user coverage,More scientific crowd insight data
                Have an efficient way to buy

DSP accurate

The nation's largest big data display advertising media

kAILILONG DSP advertising advantage


Have data integration and analysis capabilities: 

own user data and can integrate and clean it; have the ability to analyze user data, have algorithm support; can access data management platform (DMP); have monitoring and analysis of advertising effect And optimization capabilities;


Capable of achieving accurate audience purchase: 

precise targeting technology such as crowd attribute orientation, geographic orientation, interest orientation, behavior orientation, semantic orientation, and redirection; able to support audience purchase methods;


Ability to programmatic purchases: 

support for real-time bidding (RTB)access to multiple ad exchanges (AdExchange); budget allocation and resource planning for different media;


Leading precision algorithm technology: 

DSP is supported by cloud platform, and quickly identifies users through powerful data mining technology for precise advertising. The RTB algorithm technology leads the real-time bidding background processing speed less than 20 milliseconds; the user recognition rate can reach 70%; and the creative technology is used to increase the advertising effect by several times;


Diversified and differentiated data sources: 

DSP docks domestic mainstream Ad Exchange platform, covering 500 million Internet active users; owns domestic third-party shopping data, adds millions of order data every day; and has 190 million online shopping user behaviors Data, and hundreds of millions of new search data per day, providing advertisers with more accurate marketing services to bring higher conversion rates;


Professional full-process service: 

With the industry-leading technical strength, professional expert team and huge data resources, DSP integrates advertising, monitoring, analysis and optimization into one, and fully serves Internet advertisers to help enhance advertising value. 

Visitors retrieved

Dynamic creativity

Smart delivery

Outstanding effect

Large cross-screen traffic
identification profession
Bid algorithm science
Covering many users
Rich advertising
Visitors get great results
 10 billion    AD Exposure
 5000 +        AD Exposure
 30 ms            Each bid
 830 million    Cookies
5 times improvement
What is the significance of DSP for advertising?
Buy from media to audience buy

Continuous optimization of 

data accumulation

Large flow

multiple resource integration

RTB bidding purchase

automation implementation

Unified delivery interface






One-stop completion

DSP ad serving process



Review ad 





You can register your account with the KAILILONG DSP agent.
Upload the advertiser qualification in the “User Center”. If you are a business, you need to upload the “Business License”, the legal representative ID card, ICP; if you are an individual, you need to upload the personal ID electronic file.
Support Alipay, online online banking, offline payment of multiple payment methods; if the advertiser's qualifications are not reviewed, the ads cannot be placed after recharging.
Set up a delivery strategy, upload an ad creative, start ad serving, and optimize for delivery.
kaililong Mobile DSP Advertising

What is a mobile DSP?

Mobile DSP (Mobile Demand Side Platform) serves advertisers or The agency company is a 

one-stop mobile advertising demand side platform that integrates the functions of media resource purchase

delivery strategy formulation, implementation and optimization, and analysis report.

Kaililong mobile DSP advertising advantage?

Kaililogn marketing mobile DSP can cover up to 420 million mobile Internet users, accounting for 90%

 of the total mobile Internet users in the country.

Huge traffic resources:

1 billion daily exposure opportunities

Diverse forms of advertising:

Achieve rich interactive effects

Intelligent optimization mechanism:

Continuously improve crowd accuracy and reduce costs

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