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Welcome to KaiLilong International Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.!
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What is Toutiao Advertising?
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An app that recommends personalized information, hot news, and real-time event reporting, can accurately achieve ever-changing ad placement allowing your ads to reach target customers and support multiple delivery methods.

Toutiao advertising form

Toutiao open Screen Ads

The advertisement is displayed at the launch of today's headline App. The gold exposure point, the bullscreen display, the strong visual impact, can support the display of creative materials and landing pages in different time periods to meet the personalized promotion needs of customers.

Toutiao Information Flow Ads

The original advertising form interspersed in the information flow, the advertisement is the content, the advertising form that fits the deep reading experience of the information, and supports various sales methods such as CPM, CPT, GD, CPC, etc.

Toutiao Detail page ad

Ad styles displayed in the article/video details page, supporting multiple ad styles such as thumbnails, large images, group images, videos, etc.

Toutiao Effect advantage


Large group of news users


Users cover a large area , the average cost of watching news is 1.5H.


Calculate reading preferences, smart recommendations


Calculate the interest in seconds, recommend high-quality news based on data priority.


High frequency of use, increasing number of users

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