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Search Engine Marketing  definition

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is based on the search engine platform network marketing, using people's dependence on the search engine and usage habits, when people retrieve information, the marketing information is transmitted to the target customers as much as possible.

In a broad sense, SEMs are generally divided into bidding by keyword clicks and free SEO natural rankings.

In a narrow sense, SEM promotion refers to keyword bidding ranking, while SEO service refers to search engine optimization ranking. 

As the "new wave" of Internet marketing, the SEM industry itself is undergoing rapid development and transformation. Like any mature professional services field, SEM has gone through three stages of development:

The initial "personal empiricism"
"Professional Organization and Methodology" after the compilation of knowledge and experience
The systematicization of “practical advanced information tools” after technological innovation
KAILILONG SEM promotion scope
Search engine marketing promotion strategy
Competitor and industry delivery analysis
Delivery plan and creativity
Delivery performance and evaluation
Search engine marketing training
Keyword selection and trafficking
service advantage
KAILILONG SEM SEM business model

Budget&strategy planning

Develop budgets and search marketing strategies based on customer marketing objectives, market competition, and target audience characteristics.

Data creative preparation

According to the budget and marketing strategy, creative keyword roots and basic copywriting, provide sufficient data preparation for SEM promotion.

Executive activity

Integrate with the major search engines to achieve API, batch release, and comprehensively enhance the SEM promotion effect.

Full data tracking

Trueland independently developed the SEM system, collecting “click-to-conversion” data throughout the whole process, and providing multi-dimensional data reports with keyword-based small units for performance evaluation.

Adjustment and optimization

According to the effect data, the keywords, copy, bid, release time, release area and other parameters are optimized to pursue higher ROI.

KAILILONG SEM service content
Account opening



Customer service
Account grooming and optimization
Sem professional knowledge training
Baidu Sogou and other media agents
Delivery performance and optimization
Develop sem delivery goals
Customer service system construction
Kaililong SEM Marketing Solution Core Advantages
Comprehensively Enhance Customer's SEM Promotion Effect

Media resource advantage

KAILILONG SEM media resources are abundant, including the number of soft papers published, the number of responses, the number of clicks, the number of media coverage, the number of entries, and the number of forwardings are guaranteed.

Effect advantage

Full coverage of effective target user groups, multi-level, multi-angle mining of potential users; powerful network monitoring system, real-time control of customer cost risk, saving customer delivery costs; various marketing methods organically perfect combination, mutual promotion and complement, realize SEM full Azimuth delivery effect

Kaililong SEM integrated marketing solution
Let you put on the SEM promotion

1. Marketing

 Marketing dilemma brought by the industry environment
 Enterprise's own marketing dilemma

5. Media selection

 Corresponding audience based on enterprise product analysis - marketable
 Selecting Media Based on Enterprise Audience Analysis - Selected Media

3. Marketing
pipeline analysis

 Third-party marketing platform
 Regional marketing
 Merchants join
 E-commerce website
 E-commerce advertising

2. Corporate audience

 Media distributed by end consumers
 Media distributed by distributors
 Centralized distribution of bidding information

4. Media Strategy

 Baidu , Baidu Alliance
 B2b trade platform, industry platform
 Interactive Q&A, video, forum, blog, Weibo
 Zhitou, Tencent, Sina Home, Sina Multiple Channel Home

Wuxi Kaililong professional SEM solution