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Welcome to KaiLilong International Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.!
KaiLilong International 

Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Hot Line

     Sina Fuyi Advertising is a Sina portal effect advertisement, launched in September 2013. 

"Fuyi" is a marketing product based on the vast number of Sina portal users, which widely 

displays enterprise information to portal users.It accurately delivers information to target

audiences-based on user attributes and social relationships.

What is Sina Fuyi?

Multi-image classification display

Multi-picture automatic carousel to maximize product characteristics.

Multi-picture manual rotation to improve click effect

sina fuyi  display mechanism

User social interaction

Add attention, forwarding and other function buttons to enrich social marketing results

Form information collection

Customize industry form information to facilitate the aggregation of leads

Multimedia content communication

Creative small video display to attract user interest and click behavior

Sina fuyi advertising Advantage

Multidimensional data analysis

Sina, Sina Weibo, Sina mobile phone three major platforms to observe user behavior

Six-dimensional precision orientation

Resource, region, interest, age, gender, content, six dimensions, precise orientation setting

Rich resource

Support images, Flash, short-chain multiple forms

Innovative smart

ADbox, 360-degree display of corporate brands and products


6 aspects of statistical functions to capture potential opportunities

Pay for effect

CPC and CPM combined display

How does Sina Fuyi open an account?
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