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Welcome to KaiLilong International Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.!
KaiLilong International 

Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Hot Line

Tencent advertising display method: 

Ranks advertisements, and the higher the ranking, 
the greater the exposure opportunities. 
If you don’t bid high, you must be ranked high! 
(For an ad that is just online, the average click rate of 
a large market will be given as the initial value.)

Advertisement will be displayed in: 

1. QQ space, QQ client, mobile QQ space, 
    mobile QQ and other SNS platform star media; 
2. Mobile Alliance's star APP

What is tencent advertising?

Tencent Ads is an effective advertising system that maximizes the effectiveness 

of your advertising by using user behavior data as the basis for targeting.

Effect closed loop

Provide complete solutions from ad serving, targeting, data analysis to tracking management

Professional match

Investment users, friend relationship chain orientation, viral marketing

Wide coverage

100 million-level community active users, resources cover 2 Tencent platform, daily flow of more than 10 billion

Tencent Advertising advantage
tencent advertising helps enterprises grasp marketing opportunities

New resources and forms to access FEED ads

In terms of resources and form, not available in previous advertising campaigns. Inserting new FEED ads will better show customers new advertising models.

Support multiple dimension targeting to accurately lock users

Tencent advertising can also be deployed in different regions and different time periods, multi-dimensional positioning users, accurate positioning, accurate delivery, and improved advertising effects.

Smart recommendation algorithm under social data

User portraits, advertising scenes, algorithms, predictive intelligent matching, system self-learning, positive loop, intelligent recommendation ability, continuous improvement; strengthen open platform virus marketing capabilities, expand advertising influence to N-degree network

Friends spread produces a magnifying effect

The behavior of users on social networks directly helps social ads to accurately target user needs, and through social relationship chain recommendation, the click rate is increased by 51%.

APP+PAGE+URL complete community e-commerce system

In the process of advertising, Tencent advertising can also realize the access of advertising through the Tencent community e-commerce system, thereby expanding the scope of advertising and realizing the scope and comprehensiveness of the delivery effect.

Tencent advertising helps enterprises grasp marketing opportunities

 Choose ad specs

 Edit creatives

 Choose ad schedules

1. Edit ad information

2. Select targeted users

 Select targeted users

 Advertising bid

3. Submit an ad

 Confirmation of advertising information

 Choose a promotion plan

 Submit an ad

Kaililong is a professional agency of Tencent advertising
 Do you want to cooperate with us?