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Welcome to KaiLilong International Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.!
KaiLilong International 

Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

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Website Construction, Professional Website Construction Service Provider

Why did I spend a lot of money on Baidu bidding?

But the website's enquiry has not increased significantly

I also did a website Why

the website did not bring more target customers.

Enterprise no internet marketing talent

How to deal with Internet marketing difficulties

Why do I invest more in internet promotion than my competitors?

But the effect is not good for him

Traditional industry changes to the Internet industry

How to do it without starting

KAILILONG website construction solves three major problems of corporate websites
KAILILONG Network Marketing Solution
Ordinary website construction
                             Large amount of visits
                             Valid inquiry
                             Large search engine inclusion
                             High conversion rate
                             Large volume deal

                             Optimization is not good
                              Less website visits
                              Poor customer feedback
                              No inquiry
                              High bounce rate

KILILONG T-Cloud Solutions - Helping Business Growth

Extension system

Use KAILILONG T cloud computing combined with Baidu and Google's bidding background to capture accurate keywords easily searched by visitors, improve advertising effectiveness and increase visitor conversion rate.

Post synchronization

Product  is pushed to the official website and more than 3,000 B2B platforms are synchronized. The advertisements are displayed on the search engine and the official website in the form of platform information.

One click news

Carding the company's brand, reducing the difficulty of sales, news editing, direct submission, editing background audit after the display in Sina, Netease and other well-known media to form the effect of brand marketing

Effect visualization

All published information and advertisements can be viewed through this function, so that each effect can be displayed and the results can be controlled.

KAILILONG helps you solve all problems of domestic marketing

Our advantage





the marketing






witness brand


10 years of experience accumulation The glory of more than 800 " KAILILONG people"
China leading SaaS-level intelligent marketing cloud platform Baidu and other search engine promotion simultaneously
China leading SaaS-level intelligent marketing cloud platform Baidu and other search engine promotion simultaneous
More than 60,000 customers Shanghai, Beijing, Wuxi, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other regions Full coverage

KAILILONG Marketing Business Content

Chinese Marketing Website

  • Multi-platform selection, multi-terminal marketing combined
  • Low marketing costs and improve marketing results
  • High user experience, keeping customers in the station

SEO Ranking

  • Website ranking Baidu homepage, high exposure rate
  • Cover all major search engines to increase website traffic
  • 24/7 display throughout the region

T-cloud System

  • Release treasure system, no problem with internet marketing
  • Different T-cloud business, run-up business
  • One net for all, unlimited business opportunities

Enterprise QQ

  • Multi-platform selection, multi-terminal marketing combined
  • Comprehensive docking, timely understanding of customer information
  • Online 24/7 to ensure network marketing results