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Welcome to KaiLilong International Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.!
KaiLilong International 

Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Hot Line
SEO Whole website optimization
General misunderstanding
The webmaster believes that website optimization is only a keyword ranking. As long as the keyword ranks on the homepage, the traffic will go up. In fact, it is too simple to look at things.

The right SEO site optimization service
Comprehensive optimization of a website, including domain name selection, website structure or column settings, internal and external links, content construction, visitor experience and other aspects of optimization, keyword ranking is only one aspect, more important purposes Is a sales service.


SEO station optimization

KAILILONG whole Website optimization service process
KAILILONG has 10 years of SEO experience, 5 years of overall website optimization experience, established a complete service process system, internal ESO project implementation ERP management, KAILILONG is China's quality SEO project to achieve ERP management network marketing company.

Trueland provides solutions and quotations

According to the customer's request to optimize the website's specific conditions and keywords, give customers a practical plan and quotation

Customer information

Customers prepare relevant text content and provide website management authority according to Jindao requirements

Customer acceptance

After the agreed time has been achieved within the stipulated time, the customer signs and accepts

Regular maintenance

The ranking rules of major search engines change at any time, and maintenance becomes an essential step.

Customer demand

Contact Trueland by phone, network, etc., and the two sides discuss the goals to be achieved.

Determine cooperation intention

Contact Trueland by telephone, network, etc., the two sides discuss and determine the cooperation intention

Start optimizing

Start site optimization, will maintain the original content style of the site, the two sides negotiated major changes

Complete contract objectives

After the website has been optimized to meet the customer's needs, the customer should execute the contract to pay off the balance.

The website is not ranked, everything is equal to zero! Rapidly improve target 

customer conversion rate, and the overall station optimization ranking is the basis.

Website optimization ranking

High quality external chain release

Customers prepare relevant text content and provide website management authority according to Trueland requirements

Safeguarding fair and equitable 


We are all carried out through contracts, everything is in accordance with the contract, guarantee Fair and equitable, there will be no leakage in contract transactions

Low cost and quick effect

The optimization of the whole station is a kind of holistic optimization, and the cost of lower call charges is obtained as a whole. The effect is one of the most desirable businesses for customers.

Website complies with Baidu rules

A site from construction to optimization and promotion needs to comply with Baidu rules, in order to better enhance Baidu's trust and friendliness.

High quality friend chain construction

The friendship link has a great promotion effect on the improvement of the whole station optimization effect. The exchange of friendship links needs to pay attention to relevance and quality.

Increase customer conversion rate

The optimization of the whole station not only includes the website ranking and traffic, but also guarantees the customer conversion rate, and allows the customer's enquiry to fly through the overall optimization.

1. Through website positioning and marketing goal analysis, keyword selection, optimization of website content and website structure around keywords, ensuring that each web page carries a large number of different long tail keywords.

2, all the pages of the website are search engine friendly, so that the website has a relatively high collection volume and good overall ranking performance in all major search engines.

3, after optimization, the site will have more pages in front of the natural search, get more natural clicks, without having to pay for a single click.
Whole Website optimization Result
Site optimization needs to be different depending on factors such as industry, customer needs, website size, etc.
Welcome to inquire about our site optimization service